New book “The Partisan Politics of Law and Order” now OUT at OUP

My new book “The Partisan Politics of Law and Order” has now appeared at Oxford University Press. I am super happy that the results of several years of work have now found a home in this monograph. Thanks to all the people that have halped to make this happen!

Interested? Here is a short summary:

“Whereas some Western democracies have turned toward substantially tougher law and order policies, others have not. How can we account for this discrepancy?

In The Partisan Politics of Law and Order, Georg Wenzelburger argues that partisan politics have shaped the development of law and order policies in Western countries over the past twenty-five years. Wenzelburger establishes an integrated framework based on issue competition, institutional context, and policy feedback as the driving factors shaping penal policy. Using a large-scale quantitative analysis of twenty Western industrialized countries covering the period from 1995 to 2012, supplemented by case studies in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Sweden, Wenzelburger presents robust empirical evidence for the central role of political parties in law-and-order policy-making.

By demonstrating how the configuration of party systems and institutional context affect law and order policies, this book addresses an understudied but key dynamic in penal legislation. The argument and evidence presented here will be of interest to political scientists, sociologists, criminologists, and criminal justice scholars.”

Georg Wenzelburger