Goodbye Colette! Welcome Pascal and Malin!

With the start of the summer term 2019 there are a few changes in our team. As Georg Wenzelburger is back from his research semester abroad, Colette Vogeler, who substituted him as professor for Policy-Analysis und Political Economy, is leaving us to fill in for Prof. Dr. Jale Tosun at the University of Heidelberg. We enjoyed her stay in Kaiserslautern very much, profited from her rich experiences in teaching and research, and wish her all the best in Heidelberg and elsewhere!

Yet, due to the two succesfull grant applications in the area of algorithm policy, Pascal König, former research associate at the University of Frankfurt, has joined the team to conduct the new project “FATAL 4 Justice”. His work will be supported by Malin Grüninger as a new student assistant.

Furthermore, we have also moved and exchanged our rooms in the Kaiserslautern city center for new offices in the main social science building of the University of Kaiserslautern. You can find us now on campus and in the rooms 57/267, 57-265, 57-465, and 57-480.

Helge Staff